Development of an Algorithm to Locate Broadband Radiation Sources

Faults localisation in Large Electric Facilities Based on Discrete in-situ Measurements

This book introduces algorithms for locating the radiation source in the fields of Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Based on this goal, a comprehensive localisation system including appropriate algorithms which work with high performance in this field of study has been designed and developed. This system aims at finding possible origins for the source of the radiation based on the executed measurements. Different models, obtained from simulation software that using the method of moments, are used to test the performance of the developed algorithms for locating the source. As the developed localisation methods show accurate and reliable localisation results for all models provided by a simulation software tool, so it is tested on a practical example. To start analysing the collected data, a standard methodology is followed. This methodology is divided mainly into two parts; the first part is where the data is the key, while the second it is the localisation model. In this way, the result of the localisation model can be validated by comparing it with the result of the initial estimation of the source that occurs prior to running the localisation model.